When you crave a food go to Diet Cheat rather than to your kitchen or vending machine.

• Virtually "Devour" the offending foods you crave

• Celebrate the Calories you have avoided!

• Participate in Fun Distraction Actions - activities to keep you busy so you aren't thinking about food

• Journal from the list of topic Ideas to gain self-awareness and generate goals that motivate you towards healthier eating

Craving foods not on your diet plan is one of the most difficult challenges when trying to stick to a healthy eating regimen. Experts say that if you can get through those first few minutes of the craving the feeling will pass and you will stick to your diet.

This app is designed to occupy you for those initial moments and will also provide additional motivation as it tracks the number of calories you’ve avoided by cheating virtually rather than in life.

When you crave a food find it on the list, indicate the number of servings you would eat if you actually cheated. A picture of the offending food will pop up. Virtually “eat” the food to bide your time and find some satisfaction.

Then experience the feeling of accomplishment as the congratulations message pops up celebrating the number of calories you avoided! Share your success with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so that they can congratulate you too.

It all works together to help you stay on your diet plan.

Download now!